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Tax Value

Edmontonians work hard. We are innovative. We are creative. We are industrious. We are builders. And we aren't opposed to paying for an amazing city. We know that it takes money to build a great city. We just don't want our tax dollars wasted on ideological pet projects. 

The City has time and time again demonstrated questionable results when it comes to taking risks with our money, and making the best investments (e.g. Enerkem, Waste Re Solutions, Audits of malfeasance, Downtown Tank Library, Police Campus, etc).  This has to stop. 


Performance Accountability 


Action 1 – Increase Transparent Reporting

Make the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Executive team’s Annual Performance Plans available on the City’s web site and publish bi-annual reviews of progress against those plans.  

Like a Minister’s Mandate letter.  This will force Council to commit publicly on the key priorities that they are tasking their CAO to deliver, and it empowers the CAO to have real conversations with Council when new ideas come up, or resources need to be allocated.  

Action 2 – Ensure Efficacy Analyses

Every Council Agenda and Every Management Report should include an efficiency analysis to help us better understand where waste might be occurring. 

Action 3 – User Fee Breakdown

Provide a transparent and visible report on user fee supported services, not every city provided services does this; and we should not be paying for basic services that should be covered by our tax dollars.

Action 4 - Service Level Outcome Reporting

Provide a report on exactly what service levels and standards we are getting for our tax dollars with an opportunity for input. O-day'min pays some of the highest taxes and has some of the largest issues. We are not seeing the benefit of our tax dollars. 


Effective Service Delivery – Done efficiently


Action 1 –  Priority Based Budgeting

Push to use priority based budgeting models with a target of 2023 wide adoption across all city departments. Priority based budgeting focuses identifying objectives,constantly measuring the outcomes of programs and encouraging the reallocation of resources to the programs that are found to be the most effective.  

Action 2 - Create a Citizen Facing Scorecard of Program Effectiveness and Efficiency

We deserve transparent reporting & accountability on how our money is being spent. A public facing information portal that tracks key metrics on how we allocate our resources and the outcomes acheived over time will help keep everyone accountable. 

Action 3 – Salary Benchmark Analysis 

I believe in ensuring people in municipal government are paid fairly, and that their services are recognized with appropriate compensation. A benchmark analysis will ensure we aren't leaving anyone behind when it comes to advancement, and that we aren't overpaying those with minimal responsibilities.  

Action 4 - Consultant Review  

Edmonton city spends about $130 million a year on consultants, more then Toronto. We need to ensure that the services being rendered are indeed services that can't be fulfilled by the existing workforce.   


Capital Project Management – Built Right


Action 1 – Capital Project Constitution 

A Council level commitment to better management of Capital Projects (to limit scope creep, prevent cost escalation, stop runaway projects, demonstrate our commitment to excellence) -- For projects over $50M 

Action 2 – Bylaw Review

Revisit the City Manager’s Bylaw in collaboration with performance planning to ensure that Council has delegated the appropriate amount of financial authority with results-based requirements