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Thank You ~ It's Been My Honour


I want to congratulate Anne Stevenson in O-day’min; and everyone else who was successful in their bid for election to Edmonton City Council. If I’ve learned anything, it is that elections are not about the individuals who are running. Elections are about the people, their businesses and their families. The voters have spoken loud and clear about where they want this city to go and our newly minted Council is entrusted with carrying that vision forward in the best interest of all Edmontonians.


I also want to congratulate all my fellow candidates in Ward O-day’min, with whom I’ve shared this remarkable journey. It is a difficult thing to run a campaign and everyone did an incredible job in the face of so many challenges over the past year. Collectively, our campaigns raised the profile of municipal elections and community issues, resulting in a larger voter turnout than we’ve had in a while, and engaging more people than ever before in door to door knocking. This is a win for everyone.


Through this journey, I have met with so many diverse peoples and listened to so many stories of hardship, love and perseverance. To everyone I spoke with, I promise that I will continue to work hard as a community advocate to collaborate with grassroots community organizations and to work with the new friends I’ve made so that we can all have an inclusive, accessible and prosperous Edmonton for everyone.


I need to thank my family for their support. My husband and son have put up with so much turmoil and an incredibly messy campaign house – with people coming and going at all hours of the day and night – giving up their personal home space and time to help assemble signs, deliver literature and support my ups and downs through everything. I love you both so much and I can never, ever say that enough.


And to my amazing volunteers, I owe a deep debt of gratitude. I love each and every one of you and consider you part of my family – you are welcome in my home at any time, for any reason. If I could keep our group together forever, I would!


My Rossdale neighbours supported me from day one and were a force to be reckoned with in every literature drop, always ready with a glass (or bottle) of wine, and fiercely supportive in the community. We are so grateful to live in such a vibrant neighbourhood surrounded by wonderful puppies and their people!


And last, but definitely not least - my campaign manager, Tyson Boyce - who took control of things with two months left – running a truly independent and grassroots campaign against politically endorsed and backed opponents – and brought in an amazing result through dedication and hard work. He is simply brilliant. I learned so much from him and am so honoured he chose to work with me.


O-day’min - with its diverse cultures, individuals and heritage - is truly the heart of Edmonton.


Ward O-day'min

Ward O-day'min.


Ward O-day’min is located in the heart of Treaty Six and the heart of Edmonton. From time immemorial, diverse Indigenous Nations have stewarded these lands, including the Nêhiyawak, Nahkawininiwak, Nakota Isga, Dëne Sųłıné, and Niitsitapi. Many more First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples have gathered, traded, and celebrated on this land. This place also forms part of the Métis Homeland and is within Métis Nation of Alberta Region 4. 

The signing of Treaty No. 6 in 1886-1887 created a foundation of good relations, welcoming peoples to this area from around the world. Today, Ward O-day’min carries on this tradition of welcoming peoples from many nations, as we continue to live into the spirit and intent of treaty. Learn more here.


Lawn Signs!

Signs are here for a limited time - well...until Election Day on October 18, 2021! When you tell us you want a sign,  we will deliver it, install it (as per your directions) and then remove it for you within 48 hours after the election!

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