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Canadian Bar Association - Gabrielle Battiste


My name is Gabrielle Battiste & I am working to be your City Councillor for the new O-day'min ward in Edmonton. 

I'm asking for your vote and your support as I meet with each of you to listen to your concerns, wants and needs.

I will work hard to meet with as many individuals and local business owners in my ward as I can, and, if elected I will work harder to keep your trust, respect and faith as I represent your issues.

Our Ward is at the Heart of the City of Edmonton. We work hard, we play hard and we support one another. 

Experienced & Qualified:

  • 25-year lawyer who has worked across all three prairie provinces (MB, SK, AB)
  • President of Autism Edmonton
  • Board Member of Coalition for Canadian Police Reform to create a Professional Police College
  • CIVIDA (former Capital Region Housing) Board Member, providing over 4500+ units of affordable housing in Edmonton.
  • Board member at ANSWERS – a non-profit for sex workers, by sex workers 
  • Consultant to city & rural councilors on governance, oversight, transparency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, citizen engagement, policy & bylaw
  • Small business owner and entrepreneur
  • Providing free legal advice to non-profits, startups and immigrants


  • Former Edmonton Police Commission Executive Director who fought for change
  • Former AB Environmental Monitoring (AEMERA) & Alberta Environment & Parks General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer
  • Former AB Energy & Federal Credit Union banking executive 
  • Former Community League Vice-President & Member of Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
  • Former Elizabeth Fry Executive Director


Deeply Invested:

  • I own my home in O'Day Min
  • I am a lawyer with my own law firm and consulting company in our community
  • I am a mother to a millennial student attending school in our community
  • Married to the love of my life
  • One son, who I love dearly.
  • Have wonderful neighbours 
  • Dog & Cat Owner, Mountain Biker, Skiier, Slogger (slow jogger), Kayaker

Every person is unique in their struggles and their accomplishments. As I meet each of you, I look forward to listening to you and learning from you.

YOU are what makes O-day'min the Heart of Edmonton and my purpose is to serve you. 

~ Gabrielle