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Black History Month - #BlackLivesMatter

As we are getting closer to the end of the #InternationalDecade InternationalDecade4PeopleofAfricanDescent  I want to specifically recognize the contributions made by the Black community to our society.  Despite this important decade of acknowledgment ending in 2024, I can look around and still see the many injustices suffered by Black people every day in every way. #BlackHistoryMonth is a chance to learn about, acknowledge, and celebrate the transformative work Black Edmontonians have been doing and continue to do for the benefit of everyone, and to hopefully incorporate that learning into actions of care that promote #inclusion. I believe that #BlackHistoryMonth exists to remind us of the ongoing struggle for equity and social justice that Black People in #Yeg and everywhere experience, and the impact discrimination has on our #CommunitiesofCare. 

The future is now, in the Heart of the City, and everywhere. As I continue to do, please reflect on the contributions that individuals and families of African descent have made, understand the importance of their heritage, and history, and move past racial harm to racial harmony.


@MacEwanU is hosting a series of online events creating a space to reflect on the realities Black Canadians continue to face regarding racism and discrimination - MacEwan Events

@afroquiz is an annual quiz competition held in #YEG to commemorate Black History Month afroquiz

@AfricaCentreYEG creates opportunities for access and full participation of individuals and families from the African descent community in all aspects of society AfricaCentre



If you have a story to tell or message to impact about this or other matters of importance to you, please reach out to me so we can talk at [email protected];; @Gabrielle4YEG; & #Gabrielle4YEG on any social media platforms. #DiversityWins

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